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Mach Block for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Entangled Labs presents Mach Block, an arcade-style action game coming for iPhone, iPod touch, and enhanced for iPad.

Mach Block brings classic arcade action to the touch controls of the iPhone. Play through 50 levels, clearing all enemies on screen to advance to the next. Tap a square to walk, tap an enemy to attack, and tap a colored block to dash—the unique touch controls automatically navigate the shortest route to the square you tap. Stay alive by dodging enemies while you navigate each floor's maze.

Available in the App Store for $0.99 as a universal binary (buy once, and use on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

Mach Block floor 11 screen shot Mach Block floor 13 screen shot
Mach Block floor 15 screen shot Mach Block floor 6 screen shot
Mach Block floor 45 screen shot Mach Block floor 3 screen shot
Mach Block floor 8 screen shot Mach Block floor 9 screen shot
Mach Block floor 10 screen shot Mach Block floor 43 screen shot


  • Easy tap and drag controls designed specifically for the iPhone.
  • Unique gameplay combines enemy-dodging arcade action with mazes and shortcuts for a light puzzle twist.
  • Quick levels take about 30 to 90 seconds each for fast-paced gameplay.
  • Play to stay alive and win, or play for a high score: Chain and combo bonuses provide extra challenge for advanced players.
  • Interactive tutorial shows you how to play, while you play.
  • Exit anytime with auto-save, and resume precisely where you left off.
  • Choice of in-game or iPod music.
  • iPad-only feature: Two-player cooperative play on the same device! Each player sits head-to-head and uses half the screen. The second player can join or leave a game in progress anytime.
  • Requirements: iPhone 3G or later, iPod touch second generation or later, or any iPad; and iOS 4.0.


Moving Around

  • Tap or drag to walk to a square on the same platform.
  • Tap a colored "jump block" to dash to it, allowing you to traverse different platforms. You must always be standing directly up, down, left, or right of a jump block (orthogonal to it) to use it.
  • You can jump to a green block from any block, but you can only jump to a blue block (purple in screen shots) when you're standing on another blue block. This means that green blocks form one-way paths, and pairs or groups of blue blocks form two-way paths.

Defeating Enemies

  1. Tap an enemy to attack it. A homing comet will fire and chase it. You don't control the comet—just stay alive until it hits the enemy.
  2. When the comet knocks out the enemy, it flips upside down. Walk over it or dash through it to defeat it.

But: You can only tap to attack an enemy when it's on the same platform that you're standing on. Use the jump blocks to access the other platforms to find all the enemies.

Staying Alive

Dodge each enemy's moves and attacks!

Hero: You! Keep him away from the bad guys.

Beetle: Slowly walks around. Minimal threat alone, but dangerous with other enemies.

Spider: Walks like the beetle, but can also jump over 1-block-wide gaps.

Snout: Walks like the beetle, but also fires projectiles.

Bat: Flies around the entire level, crossing over gaps.

Evil bat: Appears if you take too long before completing the level. Can't be defeated directly, but they'll scatter when you defeat a regular enemy. Flies away when you lose a life or complete the level.

In some levels, certain blocks move. You'll sometimes need to ride these blocks to access parts of the level.